Guide to iRacing eSport leagues: rules, teams and sim racing cockpits

15 December 2023
Gara iRacing

The world of eSports is becoming more and more interesting for simulated driving fans. In fact, in the world of car racing, iRacing leagues are gaining popularity year by year, attracting new talent from all over the world. 

In this article we will explore the landscape of simulated driving championships, including rules and regulations and professional driving simulator models that make these competitions so engaging.

Let’s start with an important distinction: the iRacing leagues are the perfect combination between the world of car racing and virtual competition and are part of the vast world of eSports.

The iRacing championships take place on a high-level driving simulation platform that offers a wide range of cars and carefully modeled circuits: let’s see together what regulations the competitions are based on!

iRacing Rules and Regulations

The rules of the iRacing championships are the basis for successful, fair and engaging competitions. They have been refined over the years to ensure that all competitions are conducted with respect for sportsmanship and fairness, which is why the rules regarding driver behavior on the track are quite strict, as are the penalties for accidents and the use of tools that may give illicit driving aid. 

iRacing offers a variety of different circuits for each week in each available category. In a season cycle consisting of 12 weeks, users will have the opportunity to race on a variety of different tracks. Week 13, known as the transition week, holds a special place in the program, as – with few exceptions – no rating points can be gained or lost, representing a kind of break before the new season begins.

In addition, access to competitions is determined by your license level, which reflects your level of skill and experience in virtual racing on iRacing.

As mentioned earlier, you can compete either as a team or individually, and it all depends on the type of racing you choose to participate in.

In fact, there are two different types of racing: endurance, which involves a team of drivers, and sprint, which relies instead on the skills of the individual. 

Like any type of sports championship, there is scoring involved.

The first essential point is that it is possible to run multiple races on the same circuit, but keep in mind that, once you have passed 4 races on the same circuit and in the same category, the final score will be calculated on the average of the best scores obtained in each race by considering the best 8 weeks.


iRacing’s eSports leagues have seen explosive growth in recent years, attracting talent from a variety of racing disciplines. The eSports teams are increasingly reminding us of Formula 1 teams, complete with sponsors and rosters of top drivers, whose names are becoming more and more well-known (some of them, in addition, are making their way into the real racing world as well).

Many major teams are participating in championships, bringing with them a strong fan following. There are several active teams around the world, each with its own style and specialization, here are some of them:

  • Team Redline: one of the most prestigious and recognized iRacing teams.
  • Coanda Simsport: a high-level team known for achieving success in championships such as the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup;
  • Williams Esports: an eSports division of the famous Williams Formula 1 racing team, which participates in iRacing competitions and other disciplines;
  • Altus Esports: a team specializing in GT and Endurance competitions and reigning Porsche Tag Heuer champions;
  • Scuderia Ferrari Esports: the eSports division of the famous Ferrari Formula 1 team, which participates in virtual competitions, including the F1 ESports World Championship;
  • Team Redbull Racing eSports: the eSports team associated with the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team, which engages in many simulation competitions.

The ideal sim racing cockpit for iRacing drivers

Since eSports is based on platforms and sim racing cockpits, how important is it for a driver to equip himself with a professional simulated driving cockpit? In our opinion, very much. Driving simulators can really make a difference in iRacing and eSports championships: realism of experience and high level of components are parameters to keep in mind if you are going to be someone in this world. 

iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione and rFactor 2 allow drivers to experience different categories of vehicles, from single-seaters to GT3s, offering a variety of challenges. Driving physics have been refined to replicate the feel and reactions of a real racing car, while steering wheel and pedal feedback add an extra level of realism.

In addition, eSports have seen increasing integration of virtual reality (VR) technologies and motion simulations, taking the driving experience to a whole new level. These innovations make racing even more immersive and realistic for drivers and even for spectators!

Ghepard Maranello and Wave Lynx: the ideal Sim Racing rigs for iRacing 

Now that we know all about the iRacing regulations and the top teams participating in the best sim racing championships, all that’s left to do is to choose the best simulators on the market so you can hit the track ready and in racing trim. 

In another article we talked about the steps to do and the advantages and disadvantages of creating the perfect do-it-yourself sim racing cockpit, but once again we would like to recommend the purchase of a professional, turnkey simulator that is superior in terms of performance (thanks to the innate harmony between its elements). 

Wave Italy specifically offers two high-performance professional simulators for eSports and iRacing:

Ghepard MaranelloThe one and only GT simulator with the motion system all on the front for the ultimate realistic experience! Equipped with a 49″ ultra-wide curved Monitor, gaming-grade pc and graphics card for the highest performance, Ghepard Maranello is the driving simulator for those who don’t accept compromises and demand in addition an elegant design with unmistakable Italian style. 

Wave LynxA professional and complete turnkey rig that contains everything needed for pro level iRacing races, in a small space. Just plug in the power cable to jump into the competition, of course after choosing all the customizations you want, from the pedals to the steering wheel via the hardware and livery!

Is the world of iRacing competitions waiting for you? You don’t make it wait! Choose to compete at the highest level: get a quote now on our professional driving simulators or take a look at our pro-level sim racing pedals and steering wheels and get on track now!

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