How to customize and make your professional sim racing cockpit unique

07 December 2023
How to customize your sim racing cockpit

Who said sim racing is all about performance and realism?  

Sure, the primary purpose of a professional sim racing cockpit is to realistically simulate real track driving and must be able to give excitement to sim racers by making them feel like F1 drivers with all the performance and sensations involved. However, this does not mean, that the aesthetics of the sim racing cockpit is not crucial, quite the contrary!  

The world of Formula 1 and sports racing in general is very attentive to design and brand recognition. Colors, logos and slogans in particular fonts help to distinguish different racing teams: not surprisingly, fans and enthusiasts also wear logos and colors of their favorite team in everyday life through stickers and various gadgets.   

Even sim racers, therefore, should customize their sim racing cockpits if they wish: customization, in fact, is not only a way to stand out but an original way to express their personality and passion for the world of professional driving simulation.   

In this article, let’s see together how you can customize and make your turnkey professional sim racing cockpit unique. 

Give character to your sim racing cockpit with customization  

A professional sim racing cockpit is not just pedals, steering wheel and body: with the right amount of creativity, even a driving simulator can become a work of art that reflects your style and personality.   

Customizing a DIY sim racing cockpit is relatively simple: even the simple choice of peripherals is customization!  

However, if you are looking for a top-notch driving experience without the worry of building everything from scratch, a turnkey professional sim racing cockpit like the ones offered by Wave Italy might be the ideal solution to choose your customizations directly on a simulator that is already perfect and ready to be used. 

  • Ghepard Maranello is a dynamic simulator wit patented innovative motion that combines high-level performance with countless opportunities for customization. From the seat – which can be upholstered in leather, technical fabric, or even alcantara – to the dashboard, offered in variants such as leather, carbon, and other materials. And it doesn’t end there! The body can be produced in fiberglass or carbon, with endless possibilities for coloring and decoration. After all, Ghepard Maranello is the first sim racing GT cockpit where design takes center stage, just like in a real supercar: customizing it is a must! Choose logos, colors and graphics and we’ll take care of all the rest.  
  • Ghepard 923F is derived from Ghepard Maranello and retains its distinctive features in design, accurate styling, customization options, quality of materials and finishes as well as the highest quality to ensure exciting driving simulations every time. Options include the triple 32”screens. 
  • Wave Lynx is our customizable driving simulator with Formula or GT steering wheel, 2 or 3 pedal configuration, standard layout (“Monza”) or reversed layout (“Imola”), and configurable with all kinds of adjustments. After choosing your peripherals, ask us about the available colors and finishes you can choose from, thus creating your own unique and unmistakable custom Wave Lynx! 

Adding logos, designs and graphic art can turn your simulator into a unique piece. Imagine a seat with your logo embroidered on it, or your favorite livery beautifully displayed on the body. These details add that extra touch that makes the custom professional sim racing cockpit truly yours.  

In short, without neglecting the importance of performance, customization can elevate your driving experience to new levels and make the excitement even greater.   

Always remember that each component can be a reflection of your passion for sim racing and that, as always, even in the virtual driving experience the eye wants its part! 

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