Monaco Grand Prix and F1 Wave Italy simulators: now a tradition, always at the Montecarlo Bay Hotel & Resort

30 May 2024
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This year too, from 7 to 26 May in the period from the GP Historique to the Monaco F1 Grand Prix, weeks of true passion and adrenaline were experienced with many people who drove on our F1 simulators, challenging the curbs and walls of the famous circuit for a racing experience as always completely realistic and immersive.


This time, however, instead of inside the Hotel’s casino, the simulators were positioned “en plein air” with a much appreciated setting which allowed the experience of the track firsthand, just a few meters from the curves of the most glamour street circuit in the Championship.

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Reservations were not reserved only for guests of the prestigious hotel but open to all the public present in Montecarlo, confirming the importance of including Sim Racig as an excellent additional activity to what a high-level hotel can offer.

There were also many VIPs – we do not mention them to respect their privacy – who booked the simulation sessions well in advance, which were managed impeccably also thanks to the great professionalism of the Monte Carlo Bay staff to whom, as always, our most sincere thanks go.

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