New partnership between Wave Italy and Radio Wellness announced

29 March 2024
Copertina Radio Wellness Partnership

We are pleased to announce a new and important partnership between Wave Italy and Radio Wellness, both with the goal of merging the passion for motorsport and driving simulation with the world of health and wellness.

Through this partnership, Radio Wellness, the wellness radio station, will join Wave Italy with live broadcasts, podcasts, editorials, and more, including during events.

The purpose of the two entities is to combine the peculiarities that make them unique, such as their vertical positioning within the world of sports and take advantage of them to amplify the quality of services delivered by both parties, and to deliver unprecedented content to an audience of enthusiasts.

On the one hand, Radio Wellness will have the opportunity to open up to a new audience, that of the e-sports world, presenting a unique reality in the international panorama in this sector. Wave Italy, for its part, will be able to enrich the atmosphere with valuable content during its activities, such as professional driver training at the HQs in Verona.

Both e-sports enthusiasts and Radio Wellness listeners will enjoy a unique experience: from the thrills of the track to wellness tips, all rolled into one. This synergy promises to be immersive and unforgettable for all who attend.

We invite you to follow the news on both companies’ platforms to find out more about this exciting collaboration!

Copertina Radio Wellness Partnership
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