Original ideas for corporate and private Sim Racing events: become a driver for a day!

18 December 2023
Evento aziendale Sim racing

If you are looking for original ideas for corporate or private events or if you are looking for a cue for a unique and exciting gift, why not evaluate an event with a real sim racing experience? In this article we have collected some ideas for events of all kinds to take a cue from when planning yours. 

In fact, more and more fans are deciding to organize corporate and private events, such as birthday or graduation celebrations, with a sim racing theme. Becoming a racer for a day, after all, is a dream of many (including perhaps even your friends or employees).

Ideas for a particular corporate Team Building

A corporate event different from the ordinary? Organize a sim racing themed team building day! 

Our professional driving simulators, designed and developed to be the same in every way as the devices used by drivers, are perfect for experiencing the thrill of the track and developing the most important soft skills at work: collaboration, healthy competition, helping each other, listening and problem solving skills. 

Are you looking, on the other hand, to organize a corporate event of another kind, such as a Press Day, a company convention or the presentation of a new product? Again, the presence of our F1 simulators or GT sim racing cockpits will make the event unique, certainly memorable, and increase the number of participants.

In fact, by tying your event to Wave Italy’s professional driving simulators, you are not just offering a simple simulated driving session, but a real immersive, exciting and authentic experience!

You don’t have a location for your corporate event? We’ll host you in our Racing Simulation Center! You can not only organize the perfect event, but you will also have the opportunity to customize and brand the experience with your company logo and colors. 

Do you already have your own location and you only want to rent the driving simulators?

No problem: Wave Italy also offers worldwide driving simulator rentals, at your company or at the location of your choice. You just need to choose the number and model of simulators and we will take care of the transport, assembly and training for use. Our experts can be present throughout the session to assist participants and allow them to have a totally immersive experience!

Original ideas for birthday, special anniversary or simple gift

For a driving simulation fan, there is no better gift than the thrill of being able to race on the track! 

Whether you’re planning a surprise birthday party, a graduation party or a reunion among colleagues or classmates, our Racing Center can really suit you: you can book our hall for a few hours or for the whole day, Monday through Sunday. 

You’ll be able to race with your friends or colleagues on sim racing cockpits identical to those used by real drivers, feeling like you’re really on the track: you’ll start from pre-race qualifying all the way to the actual race, using professional headsets to communicate with the group during the race. And if you feel like going for real competition, we can directly take care of organizing a mini tournament with groups and various stages of the race, for maximum fun!

Want to make your event even more unique and personalized? You will have the opportunity to customize the sim racing cockpit with graphics and logos, making the gift even more special and unique.

Oh, and the catering refreshments? No, we haven’t forgotten: you can ask for it when you are booking, and we will manage to accommodate your needs to create a memorable event!

Examples and ideas for corporate and private events 

If the idea of holding a private or corporate event in our Racing Simulation Center appeals to you, but you want an even more immersive experience, follow these extra tips:

  • Customize everything, including gadgets – For the day of the event, don’t forget to ask for customization of the sim racing cockpits and especially prepare themed gadgets for all participants with the name of the team or teams that will compete! T-shirts, caps, cheer flags, trackside passes–there are no limits to the imagination.
  • Extend the fun, make it a themed weekend – To get ready to hit the track (virtually!) there’s nothing better than a full immersion F1 theme! Plan an entire weekend of motorsports, including a visit to a racetrack or historic automobile museum to the day on our professional driving simulators, or watch a real race with your friends and start feeling the adrenaline! The important thing is to create the right atmosphere to enjoy the excitement of track simulation!

 Gifts for sim racers and motor enthusiasts: give a private coaching session on an F1 simulator!

We’ve talked about corporate events and private events, but did you know that in our Verona Racing Center you can also book personalized coaching sessions?

This is just the perfect gift for fans of F1 and GT formulas: thanks to our experts, you can experience or have a day of excitement on a virtual track, with personalized coaching sessions designed to perfect simulated driving techniques and discover lots of useful tips for competing in eSport championships or even just having fun at home on your professional sim racing cockpit.

In short: do you have an idea for a corporate or private event? We can help you make it happen.
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