09 July 2024
copertina articolo partnership Puricraft

Wave Italy is pleased to announce a new technological partnership with Puricraft, www.puricraft.com, a company based in the province of Treviso that designs and manufactures air cleaning, sanitizing, and fragrance devices, combining cutting-edge innovation with meticulous design. The aim of the partnership is to create a lasting collaborative relationship between the two brands, leveraging each other’s knowledge and experience.


Real and virtual drivers are first of all true athletes, constantly seeking the highest level of performance. It stands to reason that one key element influencing this is the air they breathe, an aspect Puricraft encapsulates with the phrase, “We strive to improve the most basic human functions: breathe well, to think well.”

The quality of the air substantially improves when it is free of viruses, bacteria and particulates, its chemistry facilitates rapid and effective absorption, and it is enriched with scents that induce cerebral and sensory stimulation.


These are precisely the functions of the initial Puricraft air treatment solutions installed in the Professional Training Center and the Racing Center in Verona, including portable, battery-operated, energy-efficient cold plasma devices to sanitize and ionize/ozonise the air, eliminate odors and contaminants, and release ions that attack bacteria, mold, and fine dust. This is a first step that will soon see installations on individual simulators offered by Wave Italy.

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What this partnership aims to demonstrate is how the sports discipline in the e-racing world requires specific treatment in terms of breathing, purified air, and sanitation: having access to high-level technological tools allows Wave Italy to provide excellent service even in these important aspects.


Another goal is to achieve scientific certification together: both Training Center and Racing Center areas will be tested, in terms of performance obtained by the drivers, by a university scientific group that will determine and quantify the benefits provided by the installed Puricraft devices.

This will be an additional exclusive value offered by Wave Italy, which few other entities can boast.

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