Wave Italy and MegaRide Partnership:  A game-changing run in the e-sport races

20 March 2024
MegaRide 3

MegaRide, a consolidated international player in tires and vehicle dynamics simulations, has chosen to  join forces in strategic partnership with Wave Italy, the only one company covering all sectors of sim racing panorama and active in various e-sport world Championships with its official Wave Italy Racing Team (WIRT).

The collaboration is designed to unite MegaRide’s tire analysis and technological expertise with Wave Italy’s innovative hardware solutions and deep knowledge in e-sports racing. The key point of this collaboration lies in the challenge faced in approaching virtual competitions: the difficulty of understanding the tire model used in racing simulations, which is often characterized by the difficulty to reach realistic behaviors.

This is where MegaRide comes in: through in-depth software analysis, it’s possible to understand the tire models used. This, in turn, allows Wave Italy to redefine and optimize its strategies for upcoming races.

Understanding virtual tire models becomes the framework for creating tools that enable quick adaptation to change, providing a strategic advantage for those adepts at implementing updates promptly.

The ultimate aim of this partnership focuses on creating innovative tools for the e-sports market, to develop products and services that would make a successful path in the racing sim tournament, addressing a common challenge faced by all industry players, starting with Wave Italy.

Damiano Capra, Motorsport Director of MegaRide:

“The connection between MegaRide and Wave Italy goes beyond a typical partnership; it’s a new source of inspiration. As we step into the e-sports world, we’re excited about introducing innovative solutions that push the boundaries of sim racing, MegaRide and Wave Italy will set the stage for new developments in this sector. This collaboration brings us into new lands, driven by our shared commitment to research and excellence with a genuine enthusiasm for overcoming challenges.”

Alex Martinelli, Wave Italy CEO:

“Wave Italy’s vision is based on constant research and application of cutting-edge technologies in all fields of professional driving simulation. Tire Management is such a fundamental aspects of all motorsport activities, including e-sport competitions. This is why we are really happy and proud of this new partnership with MegaRide, confident that it will bring not only new important results in the e-race but also the right insights towards the development of new and very advanced products and applications for sim racing.

Last but not least is the satisfaction of seeing two Italian excellences working together on a global level, with the right spirit and deep passion to face and win new challenges”.

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