31 October 2023

Wave Italy is happy to announce a new important partnership with DRE, Digital Race Engineer, the best spotter for sim-racing.

https://getdre.app/   ;   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhGMNC_ldKs

It will be fundamental technical support for all sim-races disputed by Wave Italy Racing Team as DRE will supply several software licenses that can bring a crew chief spotter, voice control, and audio feedback with 400+ commands and 50+ voice alerts, all crucial for managing a competition in the best way and at the highest level. DRE will then permit WIRT teams to collect critical information in real-time, maintain focus during races, and make better decisions in race management.

 “Constant innovation and digital tools are by definition a part of our DNA  – said Alex Martinelli, Wave Italy CEO –  We produce top driving simulators and peripherals for sim racing and we are also greatly involved in international competitions with our Official Team. The support DRE can give us is certainly a big boost to always compete at the best level and to achieve the highest sports results”

“We’re thrilled to put DRE in the hands of Wave Italy’s top-performing sim-racers. Their expertise will push DRE’s capabilities to new heights,“ said Egil Sandfeld, Founder of DRE. “Allowing top-tier racers to test DRE exposes areas for improvement, ensuring our tool remains the best in the game. We’re equally grateful for Wave Italy’s commitment to translate and proof DRE for Italian sim-racers, expanding our reach and making the sim-racing experience even more immersive“.

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