Wave Italy Racing Team, international victory of the highest level

20 December 2022
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Close battle up to the last corner and great victory at the photo finish for Marcus Luzio, P11 at the start and finished ahead of already internationally established drivers, racing for some of the strongest teams in the world such as Red Line, Williams, R8G, APEX, Pure Sim.

The victory was in race 5, in a car type IR04, a formula 4, in the VCO Pro SIM INFINITY held on 10-11 December 2022.

It is a well-known and internationally prominent Sim Racing competition that, in the 24 hours from 6 p.m. on Friday to 6 p.m. on Saturday, includes as many as 24  45-minute sprint races, run in 5 different cars and on 5 different tracks.

The cars are: Dallara IR18 Indycar – IR04 formula 4 – Honda Civic TCR – BMW Hypercar – Porsche GT3

The circuits:         Spa Francorshamp – Fuji International Speedway – Road Atlanta – Red Bull Ring – Daytona

All the Wave Italy Racing Team drivers achieved good placings, at least within P10 in many of the races, even though a bit of bad luck then pushed us a little backward in the overall standings.

Beyond the beautiful and hard-fought victory of M. Luzio the great importance of the result for us lays in the participation of some of the strongest teams in the world, mentioned above, and the fact that in each team, by regulation, there was also one real professional driver.

Further great satisfaction is for being the first Italian team to rank in the Finals and

the only Italian team to win a race in the 24-hour.

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