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Commitment, R&D


Wave Italy’s Mission is to offer the best experience in driving simulation to an ever broader audience, with the aim of conveying the thrill of a real race to passionate and professionals of eSport and Sim Racing. We offer extremely performing and realistic devices, also suitable for corporate or private events.

An unforgettable immersive driving experience.

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Wave media house

Wave Italy Phoenix Pro F1 simulator

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Engineering study
and forefront components

We are not assemblers: we think, design and make. Precision mechanics, electronics and software for maximum simulation performance, derived from the know-how of pilots and professionals, all designed to convey the sensations of a real single-seater or a racing GT to the Sim Driver.

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Professional peripherals
for Sim Racing

We design and develop our products by analyzing the physics and feed-back of real races, to replicate them in the simulation. Far beyond a video game, you will have peripherals with the same characteristics as those you would find on a real racing car. Passion, continuous research and technology are the key factors that transform our Sim Racing pedals and steering wheels into essential products to achieve high performance.

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Training Center

The professional simulation area at our Headquarter in Verona was developed to let racing pilots train with the possibility of truly replicate, with maximum detail, every situation that they normally experience in real track activity, in qualifying and in racing. Two simulators in parallel, real-time telemetry and the experience of an expert coach for maximum training results and to improve strategies and technique.

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Simulation Center

Several stations with motion and professional equipment to have the exact reactions and emotions of a car on the track. It is the perfect area to come and challenge friends on GT simulators and for unforgettable events where you can experience the adrenaline of the most famous circuits.

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Brand Partner

High level collaborations, to guarantee quality and professionalism.

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