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To develop the Phoenix Pro and Wave Apex professional simulators internally, Wave Italy has also created the control peripherals, including the Steering wheel and Pedal. Later he also offered them for sale for Sim Racers who are looking for the best, to go faster. 16-bit electronics for market-leading driving precision and feed back.

Steering wheel
Wave Impact


Attention to detail, maximum driving comfort, quality of materials make the Wave Italy Sim Racing steering wheels the “must-have” controllers to achieve top performance, experiencing the thrill of a real racing driving. In particular, Wave Impact is designed and made on the basis of the controller used in real F1 cars and is characterized by reliability, freedom of customization and an aesthetic with attention to every detail.

Sim Pedals
Wave Italy


Wave Italy was born to offer end users an unforgettable driving experience, derived precisely from the sophisticated experiences of professionals and offered to a broader audience, desiring precise and real-life driving feedback. Wave Italy offers two different versions with 2 or 3 pedals layout, completely made of anodized aluminum to enhance the aesthetic, for longer durability and a rock solid feeling. They are also available in the version with the Ground or Reversed layout.

Sim Pedals
Wave Italy

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Find out what our most trusted consumers think.

“Just done an hour or so with the pedals. They feel amazing, I have left them stock and will continue to enjoy racing again. Thank you all to the Wave Italy Team, keep up the amazing work. The feel from your pedals are consistent all the way, the throttle feels smooth, brake has lots of control and again is smooth when compared with the hydraulic system.”

S. A. - Germany

“Thank you for the manual, now everything is working fine. Amazing feel in the pedal, i am super happy with them. But you were right, i should have taken the pedal base as the angle of the pedals does not really work out for me without the base. I ordered the Monza base yesterday thru the web shop, i just hope that you can ship it quickly 😊
Thank you a lot again!”

R. D. - Croatia

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