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Phoenix PRO
Driving Experience
ultra realistic
and unforgettable

Sit in the cockpit of an F1, exactly like a real driver. A professional steering wheel in your hands with dozens of functions and tachisensitive steering, a real brake, to which you can apply pressures even well over 100 kg, an absolutely reactive and precise accelerator, an innovative system of “active belts and backrest” to simulate the G- Force in braking and acceleration, a sophisticated motion-system that faithfully reproduces the shaking and the various reactions of a car on the track, exponentially increasing the driver’s feeling. 

Your gaze will then be completely wrapped in 3 large 55 ” monitors to concentrate totally on dealing with braking, curbs, fast corners and overtaking. Finally, a dolby 5.1 audio system transmits e.g. the characteristic sound of turbo cars equipped with ERS (Energy Recovery System). All this to ensure maximum immersion for a truly unique driving experience

Of course, we can adapt the Phoenix Pro setting to a wide range of customers, regardless of their previous driving experiences, simplifying or exacerbating the simulation dynamically and immediately where required.

Phoenix Pro
Wave Italy

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Phoenix PRO
blends Italian style
and cutting-edge technology

The pedal and the seat are adjustable to accommodate drivers of all sizes and ages, allowing the driver to assume the real position of a Formula 1 driver. The cockpit shape scrupulously respects the dimensions of the passenger compartment of a single-seater, while the external shapes characterize the product in terms of uniqueness and style, including the Halo safety device. We have deliberately hidden any moving or wiring element to avoid visual imperfections and to allow the soft lines of the shell, stand out  recalling, through a minimalistic design, the details of ground-effect cars and the famous curved sides of lateral air-intakes.


For events or particular activities, Phoenix Pro is fully customizable:

  • in the livery, with the desired colors and branding;
  • in the graphics of the circuits where you can insert the banners of your company or sponsors


Each Phoenix Pro, or group of these, can also be connected via internet with other Phoenix Pro, e.g. to organize championships among enthusiasts or experienced Sim Racers.

Pro Pedal Set and F1 Steering Wheel

with color display

Full 3D movement

for ultra-realistic driving sensations

Dolby 5.1 sound system

which enhances the immersive experience

3 Settings

free practice, qualifications and race

All circuits

in laser scan


video recording of the test drive from cockpit and track view

Surface needed

14mt x 2mt

Fully customizable

livery and banners on the track

Try the real one
driving simulation

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