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On the starting grid, like on a real racing car. Three pedals for traditional driving with clutch, wide pedals-plates for maximum sensitivity and for precise maneuvers by experts such as “heel and toe”. Customizable in many parameters of use. The Monza base is perfect for Formula and GT driving.

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Weight 12.5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 34 × 40 cm

Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange

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  1. Emad N

    Let me say this first hands down on the pedals by far the best I’ve ever tasted when they say it’s like a real race car it is like a real race car cause I’ve raced in real life and these pedals are like the best by far
    Highly recommend them
    customer service is excellent I mean Wave Italy is by far the best customer service there is
    if you have any issues they will respond right away
    I like the other companies you wait days and days before the reply back

    Again wave Italy hands-down keep up the good work you got a customer for life

  2. Sebastien

    Quick Review
    After 2 weeks.
    For a full review better go watch Sim Racing Garage 😉

    Overall Quality

    the HE PRO pedal are nice , but the Wave Italy is a quite significant notch above the HE Pro in quality, all the set is in aluminum.
    The usage of the torsion spring instead of coil spring, make the unit look more clean. Also the colors looks better then the silver metal color of the HE pro (Heusinkveld).

    That’s a first big plus on this pedal set, you can tune everything to your need very precisely and quickly. I could find the perfect position on each pedal with this set especially in lateral position. Which I couldn’t on the HE (Heusinkveld).

    After the first 2 days, I couldn’t believe it. Even at first try ( Supercars V8 At Okyama ) I couldn’t believe how much more control I have with the throttle which is super important in Supercars.
    It took me more time to get used to the brake, especially the default setup is too soft. But 6 different rubbers are provided and I found the perfect feeling for me. And now I manage to brake even better than on the HE Pro (Heusinkveld).
    Note that I have the HE pro for 2 years, and it’s my 3rd season in the Supercars V8, so it’s not a placebo effect, or just that I get suddenly better 🙂

    Did it make me faster
    Well, I have to say yes… just won 2 race at Monza back to back in supercars, and the consistency in braking was a BIG part of it.

    So I totally recommend if you are looking for a high end set of pedal.

    Customer Service
    They were super responsive to all my questions and request when I ordered my pedal set. So it’s very good.

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