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Sim Racing
go fast…
but in style

The essence of Sm Racing is of course the race, therefore performance and lap time. This is why Wave Italy has always offered professional peripherals and simulators, derived from real racing cars and with top of the range feeling and performance for the most demanding drivers.

But for the GHEPARD Maranello we were looking for something more, perhaps because we are passionate, perhaps because we are Italian and with part of the heart in Maranello. “Going fast by car is wonderful, doing it with a beautiful car is fascinating, let’s try to do it in Sim Racing, too”. One day we saw the image of a jumping cheetah, a symbol of power, speed and elegance… we started to work.

GHEPARD Maranello Wave Italy

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Ri-Evolution of the Motion
Not for the rhyme!
For the feeling

The dynamic motion of the GHEPARD Maranello, developed all internally, is completely innovative and covered by Wave Italy’s international patent. Generally, the dynamics of a Sim Racing station is generated by levers placed behind the seat or by a platform under the structure, connected for example with hydraulic pistons.

We chose the unprecedented solution to move everything to the front, with a sophisticated new system of levers and an ultra-compact structure that perfectly integrate with the design of the simulator. The sensations are thus even more realistic because the load transfers, especially when driving a GT, are mainly felt in the front, while in general the car remains more or less flat in acceleration. The GHEPARD Maranello is also available in a static version.

More than different,

customization options

The GHEPARD Maranello is made with several special materials, many of which are interchangeable on demand, at the time of order: carbon fiber, fiberglass, ultra-white or smoked plexiglass, leather, alcantara etc.

Among the possible customizations: various color choices and color combinations, details and materials for the dashboard which can be in the racing, classic, sport Gt or Formula version, special choices for the driver’s seat.

Many other customizations available soon.

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