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All Wave Italy simulators are professional level, much higher than a video game. The differences that count are in the quality of the dynamic effects, in the characteristics of the driving peripherals – developed internally with the idea of ​​bringing what is actually used on the track to the simulator – in the materials and in the know-how necessary to customize a software-simulation, for cars and tracks, on the basis of real physical data detectable from circuit activities. These simulators are the ideal product for example for:

  • set up a Simulation Room open to the public
  • set up an exclusive attraction area for an Auto Museum, a Circuit, a Sports Club, a Resort and even a Cruise Ship
  • create a corporate or private event, by renting the simulators to make your guests live an unforgettable racing experience, feeling like a real driver at least for a day
  • create, as a private individual, a personal space in your residence or on your yacht to experience the true adrenaline of speed on the most demanding tracks at any time
  • set up a Driver Academy to train Sim Racers or professional drivers. We do it too, in the special Wave Professional Training Center in Verona

In all of these cases Wave Italy provides, maximum support both in the project and implementation phase, and in the subsequent constant and timely technical assistance relationship, on site or even from-remote.

A true re-evolution
in Sim Racing

Ghepard Maranello

GHEPARD Maranello  is the first Sim Racing GT station where the design values ​​are a fundamental part, right from the blank sheet, just as for a real car. The initial idea came from the image of…. find out later here. Top functionality, but with the plus of a Supercar style.

A new Motion System, unprecedented, innovative, developed and patented by Wave Italy, to return the true feeling of a car on the track even more faithfully. The pleasure of making it a unique object. Lots of customization possibilities, proposed for the first time on a Sim Racing station. Materials, colors, dashboards and various options.

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Wave Italy Simulator
Phoenix Pro

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Phoenix PRO

The Formula 1 simulator
100% made in Maranello

Only professional driving simulation can truly bring to life the real emotions of driving on a track, including all the technical aspects as well as the faithful reproduction of some physical sensations.

Phoenix Pro really knows how to offer all this. But that’s still not enough. This adds to Wave Italy’s determination to faithfully replicate the most important details of a Formula 1: steering wheel, pedals, driving position, belts, seat, Halo. All enriched by a careful design that maximizes functionality and aesthetics.

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Expand your business
with Wave Italy

The WAVE-EXPERIENCE Management System is very user-friendly and simplifies the management of all activities in a simulation center. This APP allows an accurate control of the simulator usage, as it is programmed in a way that, at the time of confirmation of the simulation session, a ticket with QR Code is issued to the customer, indicating the time and day he booked for.

The QR Code will be shown to the operator who will record a fulfilled simulation session. The absence of a QR code or the eventual resubmission of the same QR Code, precludes the activation of the simulation. You can also switch easily, e.g. from Client Mode to Event Mode, changing the minutes-time of the simulation session with just a click. The APP is simple, intuitive, allows to monitor the activity in real time and can display operational analyzes, performance report and reviews, or business statistics.




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