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Top quality expertise
and passion for Motorsport

There are various levels of driving simulation, from amateur video games to professional drivers. Wave Italy aims at the second one to offer, both to professionals and to a large audience – but looking for truly real driving feedback an unforgettable and high-level driving experience, derived from the sophisticated know-how of professionals.

Today, therefore, Wave Italy provides the best simulators to digital  halls, car museums, hotel-resorts villages, cruise ships and various other permanent structures, or furthermore for both corporate and private events, as well as for direct purchase.

For the world of Sim Racers, the offer is focused on high performance driving peripherals and to professional drivers – e.g. for those who want to switch from Kart to basic Formulas or from Formula 4 to 3 and 2 –  Wave Italy implemented an innovative training center at affordable costs, with cutting-edge technologies and with the fundamental support of an expert Driver Coach. A special Racing Simulation Center, accessible only by reservation, is available in Verona both for Sim Racers’ training or driving competition on GT stations. The best place also for unforgettable events with the intense atmosphere of motorsport. Wave Italy is currently the only Company covering the entire panorama of Sim Racing activities.


In the heart of the Motor Valley

100% made in Maranello

Wave Italy can boast experiences coming directly from the world of Formula 1 and other Motorsport categories. This fundamental added value allows us to create products that meet the expectations of the most demanding Sim Racers, as well as professional drivers. 

Constant innovation, research of materials, study of design, improvement of performance, are keywords that every day feed our passion and that allow us to produce and market top quality components such as steering wheels and pedals, up to the complete driving simulator.

Founded in Maranello, a place that boasts a prestigious and passionate automotive and motorsport tradition, Wave Italy has composed a team of professionals who deal with enthusiasm, dedication and competence of all the stages of creation of the driving simulators: hardware, software, design, mechanics, motion, control and safety. From the design and development of prototypes, to the production, sale and assistance for simulators, in Wave Italy every single detail is carefully thought out to guarantee maximum quality in every aspect, both for a driving experience and for product management in a dedicated structure to the public.


Find out what our most trusted consumers think.

In November 2019 I was at IAAPA Orlando and when I passed by wave Italy booth Phonix F1 simulator really caught my attention. I have tried it and really thought this piece should be among the games and rides at our center. 

H.M. – Saudi Arabia

By the way, your pedals are incredible. I could not believe the difference in your pedals over the Huesinkveld. I was stunned. I could go on and on. You should have a dealer here in the USA. I saw your pedals in one of Barry’s reviews of another product, (I noticed your pedals on his rig) and sent him an email asking what pedals he was using. That’s how I discovered your pedals. He said that they were Wave Italy, the BEST, then gave me the name of 2 other pedal sets that were cheaper and the next best pedals. He was right.


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