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Wave Italy is still with the VIPs of the Costa Smeralda

Wave Italy has decided to extend its presence in the exclusive Lounge of Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport-Eccelsa Aviation until the end of September, extending the exposure and the possibility of testing its professional driving simulator, Ghepard Maranello, which began on 1st July. This airport has an intense traffic of high-level passengers, and also offers various premium services including air taxis, helitaxis, hotel reservations, limousine service, yacht rental etc. for a complete assistance in the field of air transport and tourist services.

The small but very elegant commercial area was therefore a perfect place to show and try out the latest Wave Italy news in the field of competitive and professional driving simulation – Sim Racing – to this target. Everything the Company offers is far from a simple video game, deriving instead from the real experiences of professional race-drivers on the tracks and from the ability to translate it in simulation systems.

There have been so many famous people from sport, entertainment, industry, culture (for privacy we cannot name them) who have tried and appreciated the level of realism, technology and design proposed by Wave Italy simulators, as well as the possibility of customization for various components. To make them a unique objects, it’s always a very important element, especially for this target.

Some examples of Maranello Ghepard have been sold, but some customers have also asked and obtained the rental to place it on the yacht of their holiday in Costa Smeralda. Many others have also discovered the simulators as an excellent attraction for upcoming corporate and private events.